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Road Opener to Success & Abundance – PACKAGE Deal

Join us in the Live Ceremony!


Join us in this magical road opener ritual in Tulum, Mexico. A road opener ritual is a ritual that opens the road to success, abundance and prosperity by removing obstacles, blockages and stagnant energies in an efficient way. We love doing road opener rituals, because it’s a start of a fresh energy and it’s a supportive energy when you feel stuck or you need some extra guidance, luck and opportunities in life. A road opener ritual is versatile and can be used for any positive intention, wether this is money, love, health or simply getting a new job or home. 

We will work and conjure with the powerful potent energies of Tulum. Tulum is a magical place, and it embodies the Divine Feminine energies of the powerful plant spirits and fertility. During this ritual we will channel the energies into the ritual and open the roads to abundance and pour liquids of gold into our lives.

We will do the ritual together. We will send you a follow up email with some guidance so you can prepare your ritual space and ritual all together. It will include a list of materials and ingredients as well. If you do not have the materials/ingredients you can still participate in this ritual with your energy. 

We will also ask what your intention for the ritual is and ask you to send that back to us. Please make sure you do this by replying to the follow up email. We will then write down your name plus short intention (3-5 keywords) and burn this during our ritual. We will release the ashes in the sacred sea of Tulum with a prayer. It’s going to be a very special ritual that you don’t want to miss out. Limited spots available, so sign up now! 

If you can’t participate during the Live, you can always rewatch the Live and get into the zone 🙂

Co-host for this event:

Joen // Founder of The Botanical Alkhemist

She is an occult spiritual practitioner and energy healer. Hailing from a Chinese background were she incorporates different magical systems to perform Ritual Magick and Healing. She is trained in Reiki and has given workshops about the Divine Feminine and have written a book about the Tao of Candle Magick. The name Alkhemist is derived from inner cultivation and transformation of the Self. 

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