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Malachite Power Bracelet

Healing properties of the Malachite Crystal

This Malachite gemstone brings in healing and transformation. With it’s beautiful unique green color it is one of the most important gemstones to have in your collection. The healing properties of the Malachite crystal is that it makes you aware of your emotional trauma’s and absorbs the emotional and psychical pain. Malachite crystal is also a very good stone for protection, as it absorbs all negative energies and helps you to protect your energy and aura from outside influences and exhaustion. It can help you to bring your overall well being back in balance and rise up your energy level. It will show you ay emotional or spiritual blockages and will help you with your spiritual growth. If you are struggling with anxiety, self-love, attracting love or money and stability, this malachite gemstone will help you to become aware f what you need to change in order to attract and promote love and stability. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, this malachite necklace will help you overcome these energies and helps you against these lower and negative energies as well.


Heart Chakra

As the color green already foretells; Malachite is connected with the Heart chakra. It will help you to transform your pain and grow stronger out of it and at the same time protect your heart and stability, while attracting good fortune and money. If you have any financial issues, Malachite can help you assist in attracting more financial abundance in your life as well. If you have any issues with opening our heart and receiving and giving love, the malachite gemstone will help you to bring this in balance and attract authentic love and friendships.

These jewelry’s are all handmade and Designed by The illest illuminator.

All crystals and jewelry’s are cleansed, saged, blessed and charged by The illest illuminator to activate its healing properties.

Element: Earth

Chakra: Hearth Chakra

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Healing Properties: Transformation, Protection, Abundance, Growth, Healing, Love,


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