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30 min Past life healing

past life tarot reading

Very special and unique Tarot reading that will provide you from information in regards to your Past Life in order to understand your Karmic journey and give you ultimate healing and understanding of why you go trough the Karmic lessons you have been chosen to go trough in this life time.

Please send me the full name and zodiac sign of the person you are dealing with. During Check-Out you can fill in your topic or questions. In case you don’t fill in any topic (love, career etc) or questions, I will provide you with a Freestyle Tarot Reading (My Favorite Style) and channel the most important information you need to hear from your Spirit Guides.

I will be providing you with intuitive channeled messages and detailed information in regards to your situation and more. All my readings cover practical advice to help you grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally and and put you on a higher evolved mindset to reach your highest spiritual mission for this life time.

The turn-around period for Personal Tarot Readings is currently between 15-30 days. I trust in your patience and understanding in regards to the time, energy and the process it takes to provide you with an ‘In Depth Soul Reading’. Understand that reading someone’s Soul demands high energy, concentration and a huge responsibility within the Spiritual Realm as well as the Psychical Realm. I trust that you will respect the waiting cue during this process.

All Readings are pre-recorded and will be send to your emailadress.

I trust the divine that your reading will be send to you In Divine Timing!

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