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‘’Knowing thyself, is knowing how to use your power to create and manifest the life you desire.’’

Crystal Elliott, Reno, NV USA


Sonya is truly a gifted person and tarot reader. She is the “real deal.” I “found” her several years ago while listening to various readers, but I soon realized it was no accident. She knew nothing about me except my name and Sun Sign. She was spot on in everything she said in the reading. I was shocked! She doesn’t make vague, ambiguous statements. She is full of specifics and details. I now have her do a full consult reading for me every year and each time she is amazingly accurate. Sonya is a beautiful person inside and out with a rare gift from the Universe. Clearly, I’m a huge fan!!!!

Maryam Yazdi


Dear Sonya, the illest illuminator is an old soul who came to my life with a message of love and transformed me. Her intuitive gift has made a huge difference in my life! Her reading is a humble way to send a great message about our connection with compassion, gratitude, care and love! Her strong message to heal self and bring healing to Mother Earth and spread that. She has helped me to tap to my potential and spiritual path. Her purity and gift have taught me to heal myself and brought new perspective about what is important in life. Her integrity and moral are evident in her reading with gentleness and honesty! Her wisdom, service and care are enormous and have impacted me to expand and grow to my own intuition and progress in my path! I appreciate and respect her work and have a high regard for her. 
Thank you so much for your amazing work that you do everyday to bring light to our life!

Adam Grant
Adam GrantPersonal Reading
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Sonya is truly gifted at what she does. She can really help someone through their journey with positive and transformative messages. Helping someone really grow and transform as a person. Her wisdom and intell
FransescaPersonal Reading
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Sonja with her psychic and intuitive ability has uncovered the darkest site of my long-haul love situation. She enlightens also helps me to be back on the right track, no more stuck on same problems, and makes me believe that I deserve better. Thank you Sonja 🙂
UlrikaPersonal Reading
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Sonya is humble, beautiful and incredibly talented. She manages to capture my energies perfectly without having received any information before. Got great help from her analysis. I do recommend Sonya
PriaEmergency Reading
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I booked a reading with Sonya and was astounded at the accuracy. Her readings are done in a way which looks at everything very holistically and guides you towards a path which is best for you spiritually. Her advice is wise and healing. I have had years of experience going to different tarot card readers across the globe but none like Sonya! I am so grateful to her for her in-depth personal reading which I booked through her website and all the readings she has done on her you tube channel!
OliviaPersonal Reading
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Hello all! I have been an avid follower of Sonya’s channel for the longest time and have always resonated with her beautiful energy. Sonya is a very bright, intuitive, and kind individual who brings forth passionate light work. Sonya understands trials and tribulations and offers a very realistic approach to advising self-healing and the necessary steps to evolving and overcoming road blocks. What makes her stand out against the crowd is her wonderful ability to resonate with the many strugglers her tribe has to face. She herself has overcome adversity and truly harnessed her skills by applying them in real time. I trust and believe in her so much because she has truly been the one I can turn to when I need clarity. Her channel as well as herself have been there for me through many relationships, new jobs, etc and her input has proven to be accurate and insightful. Her ability to channel is beyond wonderful as she picks up on the smallest of details that truly blow you away. I had the absolute pleasure of having a personal reading done by my sag sister Sonya recently and was absolutely stunned. It came in perfect divine timing and gave me all the confirmation I needed to go forth on my journey. What I adore about Sonya is her humor, kindness and ability to bond with her followers. I have never had such a personable reading where I felt as if I was receiving advise from an old friend. She touched on details only I know and gave me the most concrete advise to move forward. I must also mention her ability to tell you what you need to improve upon in a straightforward manner that remains respectful and constructive. I truly needed to hear the many hard truths that came out. Her readings are not for the those who aren’t willing to hear what they need to improve upon. Sonya is an old soul who speaks life into many people and gives you the hope and tools to start from the ground up. What really made me feel loved by her although she interacts with so many beautiful people across the world was her care for me. She had spoken about third party details and was very cognizant of my feelings. She was able to give me the truth I was seeking in the most delicate way I felt touched. I have never felt so cared for by an individual I have never met. I wish her more growth and would love for her to teach seminars in the United States. Thank you for everything Sonya! I recognize your efforts and how much you work behind the scenes the clear our paths for us. I wish you much more abundance. 💜
TyniecePersonal Reading
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I’ve always felt connected to Sonya through Youtube. But this personal reading really filled my cup up. She is aligned to the highest extent to the universe and with her gifts she will help a lot of people get the clarity and confidence they need to make it though any trial or tribulation. Thank you Sonya for your energy. You truly were chosen to heal.

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