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The 7-Healing Oils

The 7-Healing Oils

healing oils

1 – Basnishing Oil :

The most important step is to banish and release all dark energies. This Banishing oil is connected to the root chakra and will help you to release any fears, blockages, trauma’s and bad habits. It will also release any dark entities and remove any hexes, curses or evil eye. Throughout my journey I started to realize that it doesn’t make sense to protect your energy if you have attached or projected darkness around you. My advice is to use this conciously, because it will most definitely remove whatever you desire.

I always promote that shadow work is the most important step to healing. We have to face darkness to see the light, just like how the moon each night disappears to make room for the sun. The banishing oil is an essential step as it captures all heavy energies within or around you and transmutes it into the light. Depending on how much baggage you have, this first crucial step can feel very heavy. Like a ton of bricks that you hold in your hands to hand over to your spirit guides or archangel Micheal. Working with your guides as well as Archangel Michael in all sessions is very important. Cancel colours that work best for this oil is black or white. 

2 – Cleansing Oil:

What do you do after throwing away old stuff that don’t longer resonate with you? Exactly. The Clean up! Cleaning up your energy after a heavy session of the banishing oil, will give you some fresh vibrant energy. I love working with the cleansing oil on a daily bases as it cleanses all unwanted energies and brings me back to my own energy. This oil is connected to the sacral chakra, but can be used on all 7 chakras to cleanse regularly. Candle colour that resonate with cleansing energies is white.

3 – Protection Oil:

Many people, including myself, have aways put protection of you energy as the most important way to ward off any toxic or negative energies. After making that mistake and learning from it, I have come to the conclusion that protection only helps if you are cleansed and released from any curses or evil eyes or even your own sabotaging energies. If you go trough panic attacks or any kind of fear, you can protect yourself all you want, but the darkness around you needs to be released first, so that you will be protected from anything unwanted that wants to enter your space. The protection oil is connected to the solar plexus chakra, as this chakra holds our energy level. Sometimes we tend to aversive or people try to exploit our energy. When your solar plexus chakra is protected, you won’t feel exhausted, passionless, tired and as if something is sucking out the life force in you. It will protect you by helping you to be aware of which energy is yours and which isn’t. As sensitive spiritual beings, we can’t always differntiate which energy is ours and which isn’t. Once we have that awareness, that itself can protect us from making wrong decisions, over giving, emotional and mental overload and so on. Protecting your sacral chakra will protect you from control issues, manipulations, lack of directions or your own low self-esteem and negative self talk. Call in Archangel Micheal for protection during your healing session.

Candle color that resonates with protection is white, black, blue and purple.

4 – Healing Oil:

This one is soft and kind. Very sweet and gentle. The healing oil is connected to the heart chakra and brings you comfort and care. It shows you compassion and vulnrebility. It opens your heart to heal. This oil gives me a relieved energy, an energy where you feel comfortable to open up your heart. No judgement and with mercy. It promotes healing on all area’s, but we all know that a broken heart can take years to heal and to trust and be open again. When you feel energetically overwhelmed, triggered or you are on emotional rollercoaster ride, bringing some peace and healing to yourself or with the intentions to heal a situation with someone. You can send some healing to the ones you love or simply focus on bringing peace and harmony into your life. Call in Archangel Rafael during your healing session.

Candle color that resonates with protection is white, green, blue.

5 – Love Oil:

You would think that the love oil is connected to the heart chakra, but surprise suprise! To me The Love Oil is connected to the throat chakra ( and off also to the heart chakra). If our heart is healed and filled with pure light, then our throat will speak with love and compassion, towards others but also towards ourself. The way you love yourself all depends on how you talk to yourself when looking in the mirror or when things go wrong. The most important thing here is to have compassion and love for yourself. To promote self-love and self-care. Its not always the amount of effort we put in to our body and appearances (which certainly play a huge role too), but also the way you talk to yourself, the way you judge yourself and punish yourself when things go a bit wrong. If our heart is healed, love will flow through the throat chakra and speak its beautiful manifestations into existence. Beautiful. Call in Archangel Chamuel for bringing in love and healing for you and your soulmate. Candle color that resonates with protection is pink, red, green.

6 – Abundance Oil:

When our energy and vision is clear, our intentions are pure and all confusion is removed from our third eye, we can see heavenly abundance clearly in our sight. We see our self worth, our self value, our potential and our gifts and abilities to manifest abundance, prosperity and success. Why? Because we see it clearly throughout third eye. We can imagine our path to success and we won’t feel blockages in our Vision to create the life that we desire. We attract abundance freely to our world and always show gratitude to each blessing that comes our way. Candle color that resonates with protection is green.

7 – Psychic Power Oil: 

Last but not least; the ability to translate the messages from the universe that flow through your Crown Chakra. When all your chakras are healed and balanced and you are in total alignment, your psychic powers and gifts will be start peaking! You will be able to meditate and tap in to your ancestral powers and find the wisdom you need to solve any situation. You will be able to listen to your intuition and be able to translate and decode any messages coming from your Spirit guides and your higher self.  A next dimension to enlighten and awareness. No more confusion, but being more determined when it comes to your wisdom and actions to take. The more you are healed and balanced, the more you can rely on your psychic gifts, develop them and trust fully in what the universe Is trying to communicate to you. Candle color that resonates with protection is purple and blue.

How to Use the oil:

  • Give it a good shake to activate the energy and use a few drops on your hands and activate it even more by rubbing your hands together and speaking your intentions out loud
    Anoint a candle downwards for Banishing or cleansing the energy. Anoint a candle upwards for attracting energy.
  • Anoint with few drops your hands and feet
  • Anoint with few drops your chakras
  • Anoint crystals or objects
  • Anoint your petition paper or scripting paper
  • Put a few drops in your bath while doing a ritual
  • Put  few drops in a scrub (Himalaya salt, Coconut Oil)
  • Full moon release rituals, New Moon Rituals. Daily Spiritual Practices.

Info about the oils:

  • Handcrafted by me in Amsterdam
  • 50 ml bottles ( 1,7 Oz)
  • Each oil has been charged and blessed multiple times
  • Should only be used in Spiritual Practices, magic, manifestation work, meditation and on the 7 chakra points.
  • Warning! Don’t use them all at once as they hold a lot of power and energy. You will notice and feel a huge wave of energy increase. Please use 1 or 2 drops of each oil on a daily basis. Do not mix the energies of each intention oil and focus on one intention at a time.

Main ingredients:

(Note that there are more ingredients than listed to enhance its power and gifts. Each Intention oil has between 10-17 different herbs and flowers that all correlate with the specific intention and energy to enhance its earthly power. The goal is not to have an aromatic fragrance, but the energy and the power it holds. Trust the magic.

For more information about the ingredients per Oil:

  1. Banishing Oil
  2. Cleansing Oil
  3. Protection Oil
  4. Healing Oil
  5. Love Oil
  6. Abundance Oil
  7. Psychic Power Oil

*Each Oil needs 2 weeks of incubation time, so keep in mind that the delivery can take longer than expected, especially if you are located in the USA (European based).


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